Optimal sports streaming websites in 2024

optimal sports streaming websites in 2024

To help you find the best sports streaming site, here are some tips on how to choose the right one for you.


Let’s be honest, sometimes all you want to do is sit back, relax and watch some TV. There are a few online sources for doing just that. First up is YouTube, an endless ocean of nearly everything under the sun. You’ll find shows from networks like ESPN on YouTube and other sports-related content from independent creators as well. If there’s something you don’t see on YouTube and feel it should be there—especially if it relates to sports—go ahead and create your own channel to add it yourself (with permission from whoever owns/creates that video).

Bleacher Report

This sports website, based in San Francisco, is a great way to keep track of all your favorite teams, from basketball to football. It provides news and reviews of everything from players' shoe deals to coaching decisions that help you stay in-the-know about your favorite players and their games. Bleacher Report also runs popular highlight shows on YouTube and airs a 30-minute TV show called BR Insider on FOX Sports 1. In addition to providing weekly recaps of major sporting events, it offers live blogs with play-by-play commentary during games as well as comprehensive off-season coverage. For superfans who can't get enough info on their teams and players, Bleacher Report's Power Rankings feature keeps you updated on which team is likely to win any upcoming match.


In an era of cord-cutting and media-consolidation, ESPN is one of only a few major TV channels that focuses entirely on sports coverage. It’s also a huge reason why many cable packages include sports channels (because people still want to watch sports). So even if you don’t care about NASCAR or Major League Baseball, chances are you’re paying for ESPN as part of your cable package. For viewers who want to stream their favorite sporting events from anywhere in real time (or rewind them with ease), ESPN is always a solid option. You can even log in to see what games are available on which devices (like smart TVs and game consoles) so you don’t miss out on any action.

The Verge

In 2009, The Verge was created as a tech-centric spinoff of sports site SB Nation. It has since evolved into one of our favorite tech and culture sites on the web. Like any good website, The Verge puts up new posts several times a day so there’s always something to read. In addition to covering tech news, you can also learn about sports technology with articles that highlight clever devices or report on professional games from an insider perspective. Whether you’re a gamer looking for in-depth coverage or just want to keep tabs on what’s happening in your favorite sport, The Verge has got you covered.


So how did we come up with these rankings? Each site was scored on 10 categories, with a maximum score of 10 per category. The criteria were: Accuracy (1-10 points) Was information presented in a clear and straightforward manner? Were sources cited and links included to verify claims? Transparency (1-5 points) Was there an About Us page that gave information about who ran the site and their affiliations? How much disclosure did they provide regarding sponsorships, freebies, and affiliate marketing arrangements? Aggregation (1-3 points) Did they link out to other sites for additional news, opinions, or background context regarding their stories? Depth of coverage (1-2 points) Is content narrowly focused or does it cover a broad range of topics related to its niche?

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